An Overview of Our Progress and Achievements in Corporate Social Responsibility

Who We Are

Dentsu is a global network of multinational talent, a literal nerve center of thousands of bright sparks with unique skills and strengths. We bring together individual brilliance to produce innovative solutions for business. Combining strategy, creativity and technology, we engage people and sustain customer relationships in fresh, surprising and entertaining ways. We call this “Good Innovation.”

Our Vision

More than an integrated communications agency, Dentsu is a solutions partner with a global network driven by strategy, creativity and technology—the essence of Good Innovation.

Our Mission

Good Innovation inspires us to...

1. Challenge “What is” and ask “What if?”

2. Combine utility and entertainment

3. Transform campaigns into content

4. Engage people where they are—at the right time, in the right place, and using the right channels

5. Make a difference to our clients' business by bringing positive change to people and society

...so that every single thing we do is different and better.

Why Us?

Five reasons to believe in Dentsu



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Global Network

Leading position in Asia-Pacific with strong capabilities and over 30 years' experience

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