Top Share in Japan, the World's No. 3 Market

DENTSU INC. maintains the top share in the Japanese advertising market, which accounts for 10.0% of the global market. In terms of net sales, Dentsu is the No.1 advertising company in the domestic market.

The reason for Dentsu’s dominance is twofold: The Company has a diverse client portfolio and enjoys solid buying power in all major mass media formats. Dentsu handles the advertising campaigns of many blue-chip companies, and major global clients have chosen the Company to act as a partner in the Japanese market. Such connections underpin a well-balanced client portfolio.

Dentsu is also the headquarters of the Dentsu Group, with a global presence spanning 124 countries across five continents. According to Advertising Age (May 4, 2015 edition), Dentsu is the world's largest advertising company, based on non-consolidated gross profit in 2014, and as an agency group, the Dentsu Group is ranked fifth globally. From a geographical perspective, the Dentsu Group holds formidable market share in the Asia-Pacific region and also in Western Europe, while in North America, the largest ad market in the world, there is still plenty of growth potential.

Relative Scale of Advertising Markets Worldwide<sup>1</sup> 2012
1Includes television, newspapers, magazines, radio, outdoor and Internet advertising; Source: CARAT ADSPEND FORECAST MARCH 2015

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