An Overview of Our Progress and Achievements in Corporate Social Responsibility

Global Content Services

Linking advertisers and global entertainment content

Amid talk of a decline in television viewership and changes in the ways people connect with media throughout the world, advertisers are seeking strong communication methods for a new era. At the same time, the consumer desire for high-quality entertainment remains undiminished. Dentsu links advertisers around the world and entertainment content with the aim of creating and proposing enhanced solution methods that include the branded content of local companies. In the global entertainment market, the transactions involving highly popular content are numerous, enabling popular content to be enjoyed across borders. In addition, powerful new media such as video distribution platforms are on the rise. Making use of its global network, Dentsu develops new solution proposals for advertisers through collaborations with a variety of global content holders.

Case Studies

"MOVE! into the wild life"

This is an exhibition simultaneously focusing on educational and entertainment content.
We will introduce the outline of this exhibition and the program for the overseas exhibition held in Taiwan from December 2018.