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ColumnNet searches triggered by advertisements are gaining popularity in all age groups
Consumers' media trends brought to light by the consumer's Cross Communication Behavior Survey

"The Dentsu Cross Switch Team" has announced the results of the “Cross Communication Behavior Survey” that took place in Japan, on June 2008. According to this survey, information gathering trends, such as accessing corporate Web sites or searching for key words following contact with the mass media had expanded to include consumers in their 40s and 50s.

Here, we will look at the specific behavior of “Searching the Internet after seeing an advertisement.

In the past month, 67.7% searched a keyword that was found in an advertisement.

The survey showed that during the past month, 67.7% of all respondents had searched for a key word either on a PC or a mobile phone after seeing those contents in an advertisement. In addition, 13% said that they had searched for information using both PCs and mobile phones.

Looking at the words that were actually searched, the name of a product or service (brand name) had the highest number of responses, at 78.2%, followed by “company name,” at 43.5%.
In the past month, saw an advertisement and searched for a related keyword on a PC or mobile phone
Scenarios are important in getting consumers to act voluntary

As we can see from the above results, searching the Internet after seeing an advertisement is becoming quite common in all age groups. Even if a company makes information available, however, that does not necessarily mean consumers will take it upon themselves to search for that information.

In order to capture their interest and get them actively involved, above all else, it is essential to create a scenario that makes the consumers feel that they want to know more, and want to investigate further.

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