“Cross Switch: How Dentsu Create Cross Communications”
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NEWS"Cross Switch: How Dentsu Create Cross Communications":Published.

Flip a switch in the consumers’ minds using Cross Communication!

For the very first time, Dentsu is publishing its nine latest methods and approaches, along with 10 successful case studies, including campaigns that have won awards at ADFEST and the Cannes Advertising Festival. All of these successful campaigns were backed up by the careful creation of scenarios.

Dentsu Cross Switch Team provides an easy-to-understand explanation of Cross Communication, based on the approach that “Cross Communication means creating scenarios that move the targets.” It introduces the latest talked-about examples, methods for developing ideas, and practical know-how that can be put to use immediately.
This is an essential text for those who are involved in planning, or who want to learn about planning.
The book can be purchased at bookstores across Japan, and at online bookshops.

Cross Switch: How Dentsu Create Cross Communications : Click to view enlarged screen
Chapter 1: People rushed though they had told “stay away!”
Chapter 2: The secret of "Cross Communication" that nobody ever told us
Chapter 3: The Four Rules for Developing Scenarios
Chapter 4: Outstanding Scenario Ideas capture the consumer’s hearts
Chapter 5: Let’s design Cross Communications
Final Chapter: Enjoying Cross Communication
Authors: Dentsu Cross Switch Team
Publisher: Diamond Inc. (ISBN : 978-4-478-09004-6)
Start of distribution: August 28, 2008
Price: 2,000 yen (plus tax)
Number of pages: 230 pages
Format: A5 size; vertical text (Japanese); 2 colors
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