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NEWSThe presentation about the Cross Communication was made at the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) conference

The presentation about the approaches to Cross Communication and related survey results were made at the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) conference.

“Re:think 2009: The ARF Annual Convention + Expo” was held in New York City from March 30 to April 1 by the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF).
We gave a presentation entitled “Marketing Activity, Blogging and Sales - New Consumer Behavior Model in Cross Communication.” at the conference.

The theme of the conference, “Re:think,” refers to reexamining approaches to marketing research in order to keep up with the drastic changes in the social environment. Our presentation offered a new perspective on consumer behavior based on the concept of Cross Communication.

Presentation started with the introduction of the basic concepts of Cross Communication as described in the “Cross Switch” book and Web site. Then, results of a study that examined the relationship between advertising, Word-of-Mouth communications, and sales were presented as a new consumer behavior model for the Cross Communication era. This research, conducted by us in collaboration with the University of Michigan, analyzed the results of surveys targeting the green tea beverage and mobile phone categories.

Presentation slides (excerpt)
Presentation slides (excerpt)

[Presentation slides (excerpt)]

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