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ColumnAnother Cross Switch: "The Scion xD: Little Deviant Campaign"

Cross Switch in United States

"Cross Switch," the main theme of "The Dentsu Way," is an original method for effectively implementing "Cross Communications," a field that has drawn considerable attention throughout the world. The term "Cross Switch" was coined by Dentsu to express the concept of "Using Cross Communications to flip a switch in the consumer's mind."
The main defining characteristics of this method are the creation of two ideas - a Core Idea and a Scenario Idea - and the use of a diagram called a "Horizontal T Model" to capture an overview of the scenario as a whole.
This marketing method was developed in Japan, but it can be applied anywhere in the world, regardless of regional characteristics. Here, we will take a brief look at a Cross Switch case study that was implemented in the United States., and which was covered extensively in "The Dentsu Way": The Scion xD "Little Deviant" Campaign, created by ATTIK, a Dentsu subsidiary agency.

Leaving a strong impression on young people

The unique characteristic of the Scion, an automobile in the sub-compact category, is its ability to be easily customized and personalized. Its competitors are often referred to as "quirky" and "cute." In order to counter this competition without being buried and hidden by the "quirky and cute" trend, it was necessary to emphasize the Scion´s powerful stance and presence when the new xD model was launched.
The basic idea was that "A small car can have a big attitude." This became the clear Core Idea for the campaign.

To underscore the aggressive, nonconformist personality of the Scion xD, create a bad-ass character using xD as a motif, and develop a stimulating story that takes on established rules and values.

"Little Deviant" characters. Source: ATTIK

"Little Deviant" characters. Source: ATTIK

Generate a Buzz!

The key question was "How to use this character to draw the interest of young people, and increase their involvement with the brand." The answer was formed through the next step; that is, the Scenario Idea, which uses a variety of media to generate a buzz.
The unique and unconventional spots never failed to surprise, and to bring a smile to the face of those who saw them. The website in particular received an outstanding response from countries around the world.
Here is a 60-second movie that was used as a TV commercial and as an advertising spot in movie theaters.

Cinema and television commercials. Source: ATTIK

This campaign received the FWA Site of the Day award in July 2007 and was short-listed at both the 2008 Webby Awards and the 2008 Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.
There are more details described about this campaign in "The Dentsu way."
We invite you to pick up this book, to get a more complete overview of this surprising Cross Switch case study.

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