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NEWSDentsu released the Chinese version of CROSS-VALCON, the purchase-process analytical tool

On November 1, 2011, Dentsu announced the release of the Chinese language version of Dentsu original tool CROSS-VALCON which was developed in conjunction with Beijing Dentsu Advertizing Co. Ltd. to celebrate the publication of "Cross Switch" book in Chinese language.

CROSS-VALCON assists campaign planners to create Scenarios for Cross Communication through the examination of consumer´s process from the recognition of the product to the point of purchase and the effective Contact Points within that process.

Dentsu has provided sophisticated solution services using CROSS-VALCON to optimize advertising campaigns mainly in areas such as Japan and within the English-speaking world so far. However, the importance of Integrated Marketing Communication has dramatically increased in today´s Chinese markets, which lead to the development of CROSS-VALCON customized for Chinese market.

The survey for CROSS-VALCON was conducted in 18 cities ranging from 1st priority cities to 5th priority cities in China, on products in 12 categories which have high business potentiality. The database will be enriched by covering larger number of cities and categories in the future as to provide a better service.

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