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NEWS"Dentsu Cross Communication Forum" took place in Beijing and Shanghai

Celebrating the debut of the Chinese language edition of "Cross Switch" book in China, "Dentsu Cross Communication Forum" was an event targeting clients, journalists and academics that was held in China´s two largest cities, Beijing and Shanghai in November 2011.

[ Dates and Venues ]

  • November 1, Great Wall Sheraton Hotel Beijing (approx. 300 attendees)
  • November 8, Swissotel Grand Shanghai (approx. 200 attendees)

Invited guests varied from Dentsu Group China´s clients, media agencies and academics and students from prestigious universities in China.

In this Forum, Dentsu presented the ideas and concepts of Cross Communication and campaign cases. In addition, results of analysis on consumer trends in China and CROSS-VALCON, an analytical tool with mega-database capacity to examine consumer behavior and the first and only tool in its kind in China, were introduced.

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