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NEWSCross Communication was introduced at a conference "Brand Day 2011" presented by AKAR in Russia

On December 1, 2011, the Russian Association of Communication Agencies (AKAR) and the Association of Branded Goods Manufacturers in Russia (RusBrand) jointly organized the one-day event, "Brand Day 2011", in Moscow.
At the business conference, Dentsu Group Russia hosted a session under the title "Innovation Technology and Advertising".

The presentation started with a discussion on the development of technology and the growth of social media as well as the shift observed in consumer and information behavior in the era of information bombardment, then moved onto the Cross Communication approach as the appropriate communication method to face and respond to these significant changes.

Following the introduction, the latest Dentsu cases in Europe were used to illustrate the effectiveness of Cross Communication methodology utilizing digital technologies. The presentation of successful cases proved that, regardless of regionality, Dentsu Cross Communication approach with technology can predict the future communication in the global market.

In the final presentation, the analytical result gained from Dentsu´s original and unique survey in Russia was presented. This survey studied the consumption behavior in several product categories such as automobiles, flat screen TVs, financial products and snacks. According to the survey result, AISAS model neatly adapts to the consumption behavior of Russian consumers.

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