"The Dentsu Way" is now available in Thai language
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NEWS"The Dentsu Way" is now available in Thai language

"The Dentsu Way: Secrets of Cross Switch Marketing from the World's MOST INNOVATIVE ADVERTISING AGENCY" (published by McGraw-Hill in 2010) was published in Thai language by NATION BOOKS on May 3rd this year.

Thailand is now experiencing the diversification of information contact and consumption behavior among consumers due to the rapid economic development and the wide spread use of social media. In a country of such, Integrated Marketing Communication is the key to achieve effective business activities.

This book introduces all the Dentsu's established know-how, including campaign case studies, original methodology and analytical tools. For those who desire to be successful in Thai market as well as in global market, this book will promise it provides you a key to lead prosperous marketing communication in both markets.

"The Dentsu Way" is now available in Thai language:Click to view enlarged screen
Authors Kotaro Sugiyama, Tim Andree and
TheDentsu Cross Switch Team
Publisher NATION BOOKS (May 3 2012)
Language Thai
Paper cover 314 pages
Price 350 Thai Baht
ISBN 978 - 616 - 515 - 177 - 1


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