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What´s Cross Communication?
Planning Process
Our planning processes when developing Cross Communication campaigns.
Explanation of Planning Process Two key points
Two Idea Elements
POINT(1) Two Idea Elements - Core Ideas and Scenario Ideas -

Start with insight and a basic strategy such as the identification of the theme, and create a Core Idea.This is the idea at the heart of the campaign; it is the expression of the concept that explains the fresh, interesting elements in simple terms. Items up to this point are included in regular campaigns.

The unique feature of Cross Communication is the study of one more idea; namely, the “Scenario Idea”. The Scenario Idea, which is a term created by Dentsu, refers to the mechanism that gives form to the Core Idea. By selecting Contact Points that gives form to the Core Idea and preparing an appropriate message, it becomes possible to adopt a stimulating psychological approach that creates a path which actively moves the consumer to take a next action.

POINT(2) Holistic Creative and Structure Design work in unison
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