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We provide a full lineup of services for the creation and implementation of Cross Communication strategies, as well as for verifying the results.
We offer a wide range of solutions for each process, including original methods, tools, analysis methods, and data, to enable more efficient and effective planning.
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Dentsu has developed a quantitative database called “d-camp” (Dentsu Consumers & Audience Multi Panel) as a means of identifying consumer insights. In “d-camp,” surveys are conducted targeting consumer awareness and behaviors and media contacts for the same survey subjects, and the huge volumes of single-source data obtained through these surveys can then be used to quantitatively tabulate and analyze the targets from the perspective of both consumption behaviors and media contacts.

  • Enables extensive, quantitative investigations of consumer behaviors in terms of media, information, consumption, and purchasing.
  • Enables segmentation from a variety of starting points, for detailed tabulation and analysis.
  • Offers useful insights through the creation of highly effective Cross Communication scenarios.
Unique features of d-camp (Dentsu Consumers & Audience Multi Panel)
d-camp “Cross Communication Behavior Survey”

This is a survey of the d-camp panel, designed to gain a specific understanding of the latest trends in the relationships between consumers and media/information.

We conducted a detailed survey of the current status of consumers´ Cross Communication behaviors, as well as a wide range of media contacts and media applications. Specific contents of the survey included contact with the mass media, Internet, mobile phones, and other media; information on specific product and service categories, including consumption and purchasing intent and frequency of use; and use of key corporate sites, media sites, and other information sites, with reference to usage experiences.

[Outline of Survey]
  • Subjects: Individual males and females aged 12-64
  • Sample size: n = 2,090
  • Areas: Kanto Region (Cities and wards with populations of 150,000 or more in Tokyo and six prefectures: Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, Ibaraki, Tochigi, and Gunma)
  • Survey method: Internet survey
    *The Internet Panel Survey used was a segment of the Survey Panel from Dentsu's original database “d-camp.”
  • Survey period: Feb. 22 (Fri) - 29 (Fri), 2008
Survey results are shown in the Original Data ChartColumn (1)
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