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Services and Solutions Provided by Dentsu (Now Available in Japan)
We provide a full lineup of services for the creation and implementation of Cross Communication strategies, as well as for verifying the results.
We offer a wide range of solutions for each process, including original methods, tools, analysis methods, and data, to enable more efficient and effective planning.
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VALCON™ (Value Contact Point Tracer) is a system for quantitatively selecting Contact Points that are highly effective at achieving the communication goal and getting the message across.

  • Determines the potential for a wide range of Contact Points that link the target to the brand.
  • Enables efficient and effective selection, from the consumer´s perspective, of the Contact Points that should be used strategically to resolve brand issues.
Example of analysis :Quantitatively analyze highly effective Contact Points (example of digital camera category)

Highly effective Contact Points differ depending on the product category, the target, and the communication goal.

For example, in the digital camera category, you could rank the results of an analysis showing which Contact Points would be effective in achieving two communication goals - “generating interest” and “promoting understanding” - when targeting men and women in their 20s and 30s.

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