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Services and Solutions Provided by Dentsu (Now Available in Japan)
We provide a full lineup of services for the creation and implementation of Cross Communication strategies, as well as for verifying the results.
We offer a wide range of solutions for each process, including original methods, tools, analysis methods, and data, to enable more efficient and effective planning.
Evaluation of Outputs : image
6. AISAS auditor

Survey consumers using indexes based on the AISAS framework, to quickly evaluate the effects of communications.

  • Highly versatile survey items are prepared in advance to enable rapid measurement of effects.
  • Indexes can also be customized freely to accommodate the communication issues being faced by each brand.
  • Allows you to evaluate indexes for each brand, and to assess the relationships with measures for each Contact Point.
Example of food product : imageExample of analysis : Evaluate results of campaign based on AISAS indexes (example of food product)

Quantitatively evaluate the types of effects achieved by communication measures at each stage of AISAS.

For example, in a campaign designed to notify consumers of a new product offered by Food Brand A, we can see that about 60% of consumers “searched” for information, and that the ratio of people who gathered information at shops and through Word-of-Mouth from friends and acquaintances was particularly high.

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