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We provide a full lineup of services for the creation and implementation of Cross Communication strategies, as well as for verifying the results.
We offer a wide range of solutions for each process, including original methods, tools, analysis methods, and data, to enable more efficient and effective planning.
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8. Dentsu Buzz Research Ver.2

This is an ASP service that tabulates and analyzes the number of Word-of-Mouth comments and other related data, using the original search engine seeking out information entered on blogs and Internet bulletin boards.

  • Provides a result to find out the volume of particular Word-of-Mouth topics on the Internet based on the number of postings.
  • In addition to the number of postings, it provides a qualitative analysis of positive or negative trends in the posted comments.
Example of analysis : Monitoring the relationship between corporate marketing activities and Word-of-Mouth comments before and after the launch of a new video game.

From the results of this analysis, we can see at a glance the relationship between day-to-day posting trends and cumulative numbers of posts before and after the launch of the new video game. We can also determine the degree to which Word-of-Mouth communications are generated on the Internet in conjunction with corporate marketing activities.

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