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Services and Solutions Provided by Dentsu (Now Available in Japan)
We provide a full lineup of services for the creation and implementation of Cross Communication strategies, as well as for verifying the results.
We offer a wide range of solutions for each process, including original methods, tools, analysis methods, and data, to enable more efficient and effective planning.
Evaluation of Outputs : image

This tool enables to measure the effects of Word-of-Mouth communications such as, communication effects, users´ evaluations of products, and changes in a company´s reputation ­ through an analysis of blogger attributes, content of postings, and quantitative changes in Word-of-Mouth communications.

  • It enables to create the communication strategies through comparisons with competitor companies and an understanding of the target users.
  • This tool offers an ASP type analysis system and reporting services by research specialists, to enable detailed analyses.
Example of analysis : Analyze the meaning of postings by males and females in three stages: Positive, Neutral, and Negative (PC company)

After picking up the Word-of-Mouth comments related to the company from around 500 million blogs and Q&A sites, the results were plotted according to attributes of male and female posters, along with analyses of the meanings of the posted comments in three levels: positive, neutral, and negative.
This analysis shows that males tend to post contents related to "commercials," "technologies," "sales location," and "events," while females tend to post words related to usage situations, such as "use" or "ease of use."

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