Guided by the Dentsu Group Corporate Philosophy, the Company formulated the Dentsu Group Code of Conduct as the cornerstone of its CSR program, and undertakes concrete activities in the five key areas of corporate governance/compliance, employee relations, promoting human rights awareness, social contribution activities and environmental activities.

Top Commitment

We seek to accurately understand the changes in the world, and to create communal value to realize a sustainable society responding to the changes in the world, identifying and solving issues.

Dentsu's CSR

Through the support of many stakeholders, Dentsu undertakes a wide range of activities to work toward the goal of a sustainable society.

  • Dentsu's Basic CSR Structure
  • Dentsu Group Code of Conduct
  • Dentsu's Major Stakeholders
  • Dentsu's CSR Promotion System
  • Striving for CSR that Conforms with Global Standards

Corporate Governance

Dentsu is working to build a management structure worthy of its stakeholders' trust, capable of responding to changes in the business environment and ready to take on the challenges of expansion into new business fields.

  • Dentsu's Corporate Governance Implementation Structure
  • Dentsu Group Internal Control System
  • Risk Management
  • Communication with Share holders and Investors

Respect for Human Rights

  • Human Rights Awareness Inside and Outside Dentsu
  • Human Rights Slogans and Posters
  • Human Rights Art Project
  • Centralization of Functions at the Harassment Counseling Section and Its Activities

Ensuring a Safe and Civilized Working Environment

  • Promotion of Work/Life Balance
  • Employees Health Care Systems
  • Confirmation of Employee Safety in Emergency Situations
  • Employees Encouraged to Take Vacation Entitlements
  • A Workplace Environment that Fully Utilizes Employee Talent
  • Promotion of Employees' Capabilities

Environmental Protection

  • Structures for Environmental Activities
  • Promotion of Environmental Communication
  • Raising Environmental Awareness
  • Reducing CO2 Emissions

Fair Business Practices

  • Promotion of Compliance
  • Dentsu's CSR Purchasing Activities
  • Respect for Intellectual Property Rights

Addressing Consumer Issues

  • Cooperation with the Government
    • - Promotion of the 'Smart Life Project'
    • - Involvement in the Food Action Nippon Campaign
  • Lab Activities
  • Development of an Information Security Management System

Contributing to the Community

  • Efforts to Assist Earthquake Reconstruction
  • Dentsu's Social Contribution Activities
  • Advertising Elementary School
  • NPO Support Program: Keys to Communicating
  • Dentus-China Advertising HR Development Project
  • Participation in 'Michinoku Fukkou Jigyou Partners'
  • Supporting activities initiated in Japan to tackle international social issues
    • -Supporting 'UNESCO's World Terakoya Movement'
    • -Supporting the 'TABLE FOR TWO' Programs

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