Top Commitment

Dentsu's CSR

  • Dentsu's Basic CSR Structure
  • CSR Philosophy Dentsu Group Code of Conduct
  • Dentsu's Major Stakeholders
  • Dentsu's CSR Promotion System
  • Striving for CSR that Conforms with Global Standards

Dentsu Aegis Network

  • DAN's CSR Approach
  • DAN's CSR Activities
  • Cooperation with Each Functional Department
  • About the Future Proof Awards

Corporate Governance

  • Dentsu's Corporate Governance Implementation Structure
  • Dentsu Group Internal Control System
  • Risk Management
  • Communication with Share holders and Investors

Respect for Human Rights

  • Proactive Human Rights Awareness Activities through Training Programs, etc.
  • Human Rights Slogans and Posters
  • Human Rights Art Project
  • Anti-harassment Activities

Ensuring a Safe and Civilized Working Environment

  • Promotion of Work/Life Balance
  • Employee Health Care Systems
  • Employees Encouraged to Take Vacation Entitlements
  • A Workplace Environment that Fully Utilizes Employee Talent
  • Promotion of Employees' Capabilities
  • Confirmation of Employee Safety in Emergency Situations

Environmental Protection

  • Structures for Environmental Activities
  • Promotion of Environmental Communication
  • Raising Environmental Awareness
  • Reducing CO2 Emissions

Fair Business Practices

  • Promotion of Compliance
  • Dentsu's CSR Purchasing Activities
  • Development of an Information Security Management System
  • Development of an Information Security Management System

Addressing Consumer Issues

  • Cooperation with the Government
  • Lab Activities

Contributing to the Community

  • Efforts to Assist Earthquake Reconstruction
  • Dentsu's Social Contribution Activities
  • Advertising Elementary School
  • Program to Strengthen and Support NPO Organizations: Keys to Communicating
  • Support for Chinese Advertising Human Resources Development
  • Participation in 'Michinoku Fukkou Jigyou Partners'
  • Supporting Activities to Tackle International Educational Issues
  • Supporting Japanese NPOs and NGOs that Tackle the Global Food Issue

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