An Overview of Our Progress and Achievements in Corporate Social Responsibility

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Dentsu Diversity Lab (DDL)

Dentsu Diversity Lab (DDL) is a cross-sectoral organization within the Dentsu Group which values the differences between people as expressions of individuality rather in comparative terms, and which undertakes various activities to promote diversity. In fiscal 2014, DDL engaged in efforts to promote and spread commercials with subtitles for the hard of hearing, in cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and Japan Advertising Agencies Association. It also created a checklist for senior citizen-friendly sales floors and actively promoted the resolution of issues relating to senior citizens' consumption behavior. In July 2014, DDL had the opportunity to present the results of its activities to date at the CSR forum hosted by the Tokyo Foundation.

CSR forum hosted by the Tokyo Foundation

CSR forum hosted by the Tokyo Foundation

Yoshihiro Ito, Business Creation Center (DDL Representative) Dentsu Inc.

Yoshihiro Ito
Business Creation Center
(DDL Representative)
Dentsu Inc.


What do you think about DDL activities?

Since its establishment in June 2011, DDL has undertaken activities in the four categories of disabilities, generation, gender, and multicultural coexistence. Today we hear a great deal about diversity, but the definition and scope of the term have not been set. DDL considers diversity issues broadly, not limited to these four categories, as issues that affect everyone and explores opportunities for the resolution of social issues and innovation from a wide perspective.