An Overview of Our Progress and Achievements in Corporate Social Responsibility


Dentsu Aegis Network ran a global community campaign and programme to increase the awareness of volunteering in the local community. The global "Volunteer Challenge" campaign focused on raising the awareness of "giving back" to the local community and the major impact this has on both the volunteers and the beneficiaries.

The global "GlobalGivingTIME" action program is the company's digital volunteering community where Dentsu Aegis Network volunteers directly help small- and medium-sized charities. In addition to the global campaign and program, there were many local charity partnerships to tackle specific issues and concerns.

Global awareness campaign: Volunteer Challenge

The Volunteer Challenge campaign takes place in June and July and raises awareness of the valuable contribution that volunteering can make to people and communities.

Between June and August 2014, the campaign engaged over 10,000 participants in 92 offices globally, with a total of 36,792 hours volunteered in two months on 106 locally led initiatives including, the launch of Asia Pacific's "One Day for Change" volunteer service day.

Volunteer Challenge

Global action programme: GlobalGivingTIME

GlobalGivingTIME is Dentsu Aegis Network's exclusive online volunteering community, where staff can volunteer to respond to media and marketing challenges from grassroots charities around the world. It has unlocked positive action with GlobalGivingTIME engaging over 700 volunteers on a monthly basis. By end of 2014, it had facilitated a total of $26,000 pro-bono donations and 1,623 answers have been posted. More than 396 charities have so far benefited from support on GlobalGivingTIME with 43% reporting that they have improved their communications capability.


Volunteer Challenge Case Study 1
One Day for Change

In July, Dentsu Aegis Network Asia Pacific launched their One Day for Change initiative that encouraged all staff to give up a day of their time, on the same day, to support a cause or a charity. Agencies from across the region came together in support of each other as they, in turn, supported local communities. Collaboration across the many different agencies that participated helped to maximise client and supplier support, creating a full circle of positive impacts on communities. The initiative gave 9,000 staff across Asia Pacific the opportunity to volunteer together in support of local or national causes of which 7,221 people gave 29,583 hours of their time to volunteer in their communities.

Volunteer Challenge Case Study 1 One Day for Change

Volunteer Challenge Case Study 2
Carathon – Carat Ireland

The Carathon is Carat Ireland's annual charity softball tournament. Industry and media owners are invited to join the competition and donations are collected at the event. Since 2011, Carathon has helped to fundraise €55,000 for many different charities, including €15,000 for Carat's partnership with the Crumlin Children's Hospital. In 2014, Carathon featured 16 media owner teams and 4 Carat teams totaling over 200 people participating.

Volunteer Challenge Case Study 1 Carathon – Carat Ireland

After a fierce competition, Carat claimed the winning title first time in Carathon history. Not only was the event a great opportunity to raise much needed funds for charity, but it was also a chance for the industry to come together and build camaraderie amongst media professionals.

Muriel Zografou

Muriel Zografou
Move the Dial
Highly Commended

Comments from a CSR Champion

Why is it important that we 'give back' and engage around corporate social responsibility as a leading global agency?

People are becoming more interested in the social and environmental effects of corporations and they, as important and influential members of society, are responsible to help maintain and improve the society's overall welfare. Priorities must change. Corporations are not in business to make maximum profit any more. They're in business to serve society. Profit is the reward for doing it well.

What do you want people to know about your involvement with Future Proof CSR?

Employees benefit from a socially responsible corporate culture. Innovation, teamwork, cooperation, trust and involvement in 'saving the world' make us proud of where we work. I'm happy I could help 'move the dial'.

What are your aspirations for the future?

I'm proud of getting the Move the Dial, Highly Commended Award for my work in CSR and helping those in need. I'm a little super hero!

Maria Grachnova

Maria Grachnova
Move the Dial
Highly Commended

Comments from a CSR Champion

Why is it important that we 'give back' and engage around corporate social responsibility
as a leading global agency?

The main word here that explains everything is "responsibility". The bigger our business is the bigger is our responsibility to all our stakeholders – employees, clients, suppliers etc. Companies, especially networks such as ours (working on so many business fields with prime focus on media to deliver value to our clients) must take the lead in bringing business and society back together and open up our clients for the opportunities to serve new needs, gain efficiency, create differentiation, and even expand markets throughout their social engagement. We can reset the boundaries of social responsibility by transforming it into creating a shared value strategies for our clients benefitting both their core business and their customers all at once. The most efficient tool to give a voice to any sustainable business and deliver on its brand promise is in our hands – the media.

What do you want people to know about your involvement with Future Proof CSR?

One thing for sure – corporate responsibility should not be an end in itself, but a thoroughly developed future proof strategy - integral to company's profitability and competitive position. Successful collaboration surely is core business driven, but not part of the business periphery, clearly linked to defined outcomes, well connected to the goals of all stakeholders, and tracked with clear metrics. It leverages the unique resources and expertise of the company to create economic value by creating social value.

This is the only way we can progress in doing good – utilizing our skills, resources, and management capability to lead social progress in ways that even the best-intentioned governmental and social sector organizations can rarely match.

What are your aspirations for the future?

My team – committed and dedicated 100% to what they are doing!