An Overview of Our Progress and Achievements in Corporate Social Responsibility


Dentsu Aegis Network ran a global environment campaign to further reduce our environmental impacts. The global "30 Days of Green" campaign focused on raising the awareness of environmental protection and inspiring positive action. In addition to the global campaign, there were many local activities as part of 30 Days of Green, making a contribution to encouraging more sustainable behaviours.

Global awareness campaign: 30 Days of Green

Dentsu Aegis Network ran its 4th annual "30 Days of Green" global campaign to raise awareness of environmental issues around the network, coinciding with the Earth Hour and Earth Day global events. 62 local activities were organised across 17 countries. Together these activities resulted in 3,182 green pledges made via the NEON intranet, Facebook and Twitter, originating from internal and external stakeholders such as clients and partners.

30 Days of Green

30 Days of Green Case Study 1
Anniversary Tree Planting - Beijing Dentsu Advertising

Since 2012, staff from Beijing Dentsu have planted trees each year to demonstrate their commitment to the environment. In 2014, Beijing Dentsu launched a series of activities to celebrate their contribution to the Chinese advertising industry over the past 20 years.

Anniversary Tree Planting – Beijing Dentsu Advertising

The Anniversary Tree Planting event was a particularly meaningful part of this campaign, as it celebrated Beijing Dentsu's 20th anniversary at the same time as benefitting the environment. 120 employees assembled at the HuaiBei tree planting base, where they were given speeches by Yukiyasu Nagasaki, President of Beijing Dentsu and Xisha Li, Senior Vice-President of Beijing Dentsu. Overall, 200 trees were planted to serve as a metaphor for Beijing Dentsu growing into a fondant forest in the fertile soil of the hinese advertising industry.

30 Days of Green Case Study 2
Bird Houses - Dentsu Aegis Network Russia

Dentsu Aegis Network Russia came up with a brilliant gift idea around sharing the 30 Days of Green campaign with their clients. The team focused on the native starling bird's habitat and how they could help increase the low bird population. Starlings like to live in gardens and forests in and around Moscow and are known for bringing the first signs of spring. To address this issue, the team decided to give 600 starling birdhouses to clients as gifts. Each client will then be helping to sustain the starling bird population locally and thereby contribute to the cause. This initiative also enhances Dentsu Aegis Network's corporate reputation and brand by engaging outside companies and clients to join the green movement.

Bird Houses – Dentsu Aegis Network Russia

Patrick O'Reilly,

Patrick O'Reilly
Winner, Move the Dial

Comments from a CSR Champion

Why is it important that we 'give back' and engage around corporate social responsibility as a leading global agency?

A company with a global reach like Dentsu Aegis Network has the ability to make a positive impact on the community, environment and its staff. By 'giving back' we demonstrate we care as individuals and also as a company. There are also opportunities to demonstrate leadership & create innovative solutions that inspire our clients and staff in the area of CSR.

What do you want people to know about your involvement with Future Proof CSR?

I have seen first-hand the impact that Future Proof CSR has had on people inside and also outside, the organization and how it is a team effort. I am part of a team, which extends past Future Proof champions into senior management, operations and vendor organizations that have assisted in making some great CSR initiatives possible.

What are your aspirations for the future?

I am proud to know people across the Dentsu Aegis Network businesses that really care about CSR and feel that it is important. I got to be involved in shaping the CSR Strategy and working in a company that can embed sustainability into its culture and truly innovate the way brands are built.
I am excited by the transformative business opportunity that this presents.