An Overview of Our Progress and Achievements in Corporate Social Responsibility

Introduction to CSR at Dentsu Aegis Network

Dentsu Aegis Network recognizes that it has economic, social and environmental impacts beyond its core business.

CSR Steering Group

The CSR strategy is set by the CSR Steering Group, composed of the leaders of our global functional departments and brand representatives. It is also responsible for setting the CSR targets, as well as ensuring it is aligned to the corporate strategy. The CSR Steering Group, chaired by Nigel Morris, CEO Dentsu Aegis Network Americas & EMEA, also oversees the implementation of Future Proof by the global CSR team and monitors its progress. Nigel Morris is the Dentsu Aegis Network board champion for CSR.

CSR Team

The global CSR team is responsible for the implementation of Future Proof. The team, consisting currently of four full time employees, coordinates the measurement, reporting and management of all CSR campaigns and programmes – including the compliance with the global CSR, Community and Environmental Policies. The global CSR team manages all internal and external communication and engagement with both CSR champions and stakeholders, and assess on a regular basis the risks and opportunities related to CSR. These are reported to the company-wide Risk Committee.

CSR Champions

The CSR team engages on a regular basis with a network of over 300 CSR champions to help execute Future Proof campaigns and programmes in every office around the world. These champions are volunteers and come from a variety of background, both client and functional side. The CSR champions are provided with free campaigns and programmes by the global CSR team to implement, but are also encouraged to pursue specific issues and partnerships that are relevant to the offices, brands and culture locally.

Delivery model

As part of Future Proof, Dentsu Aegis Network also developed an innovative delivery model for CSR:

  • Global awareness campaigns that use social media to raise awareness of CSR issues amongst a digital and young audience
  • Global action programmes that leverage the power of digital technology to enable sustainable behavior in the global network
  • Integration of CSR considerations into global functional departments such as Technology, Human Resources, Finance, Legal and Corporate Communications to future proof day-to-day operations
  • Engagement of CSR champions to unlock locally meaningful action on the Future Proof agenda

Nick Waters, Winner, Move the Dial Management 2014

Nick Waters
Winner, Move the Dial

Comments from a CSR Champion

Why is it important that we 'give back' and engage around corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a leading global agency?

Any of us who have a degree of affluence and who enjoy good health are fortunate. It is perhaps easy working in the advertising industry, constantly trying to sell things to consumers with disposable income, to forget that an awful lot of people are much less fortunate than ourselves.

Of course everyone must make their own decisions on an individual basis whether they wish to give anything back. But all our businesses operate in a local community and a national and global market place. Just as the communities support us – with staff, customers, resources to do our jobs – we must support our communities. Working together as a team, with focused and co-ordinated efforts on selected programmes, we can have a positive impact on the communities around us.

We have an extraordinary range of talent and capabilities. If we can direct just a fraction of that capability, even for a small % of time, at helping address some of the challenges in society, then we can have a positive impact.

We value "responsibility" in our group, and this is just one way in which we can live up to our values. By doing so will enhance our company's reputation and help build a virtuous circle by attracting new customers and staff that value the same things we do.

What do you want people to know about your involvement with Future Proof CSR?

There is nothing specific, but if my involvement helps our teams around the world recognize the importance of this to our company, and encourages everyone to get more involved, and give a little bit more time and effort, then that would be very positive.

What are your aspirations for the future?

Everyone in the Asia Pacific business made such a great effort, and showed such a desire and commitment to support CSR initiatives that we have something to really build on for the future. Our ambition is to turn our efforts into more continuous and sustainable activities rather than a series of one-offs. We will only be able to judge at the end of the year whether we have been able to achieve our aims, and whether our efforts have contributed a bit more.