An Overview of Our Progress and Achievements in Corporate Social Responsibility


Dentsu Aegis Network ran a global workplace campaign and programme in 2014 to further improve our company as the best place to work in our industry. The global "Wellbeing" campaign focused on raising the awareness on maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

The global "Please Cycle" programme encouraged people to cycle, run and walk to work using an innovative mobile app. In addition to the global activities, there were many local activities as part of the campaign.

As part of global functional integration, CSR partnered with the Human Resources department to deliver a tailored CSR programme for the company's high potential development programme Route 500. The aims were twofold: for the volunteers to develop their leadership skills and for the charities to gain access to strategic consultancy assistance over a longer period.

Global awareness campaign: Wellbeing

In May 2014, the first global Wellbeing campaign was launched to enhance and support awareness of a healthy "work/life balance". In just one month, 65 local fitness activities were available to our people with over 600 participants. Activities included running and training for marathons, hosting yoga, meditation and fitness classes, signing up for Dentsu Aegis Network sports league teams and more. As a result, the campaign helped to seed and establish many local, long-term and on-going initiatives and increase awareness around wellbeing.

Wellbeing 2014 results

Global action programme: Please Cycle

Please Cycle is Dentsu Aegis Network's award-winning mobile app that promotes a greener and healthier commute by encouraging people to cycle, run or walk to work. Logging their journeys unlocks small rewards for free coffees or discounts. In 2014, we launched Please Cycle across 9 countries encouraging 10% of our colleagues to take up cycling to work.

The programme made a significant impact on the company's carbon footprint with 602 colleagues covering 30,000 miles in over 7,700 journeys, thereby saving 10 tonnes CO2 emissions as a result of their green commutes. They also burnt over 1 million calories in the process. Please Cycle has helped raise the awareness of the longer term environmental impacts of commuting to work and helped permanently create more cyclists and runners at Dentsu Aegis Network, with 30% of users reporting that they now cycle more than before.

Wellbeing Case Study 1
Work Hard Play Heart – iProspect Montreal

To encourage physical activity instead of screen time among youth in Canada, iProspect Montreal partnered with the Heart and Stroke Foundation to initiate the Work Hard, Play Heart challenge. In total, 77 staff accepted the 'challenge' by taking part in over 130 training exercise sessions that not only helped them get physically active, but also helped to raise funds for the cause and prepare them for a special sailing competition. The iProspect team developed a website platform (pro bono) in order to raise awareness and funds while following the progress of participants. The six-month challenge ended with a sailing trip, where teams sailed 1630 km from Quebec to Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon aboard one of the fastest sailboats in the world to test their physical wellbeing and mettle. Over $17,000 was raised to benefit the cause during the Work Hard, Play Heart challenge.

Wellbeing Case Study 2
Energize! – Dentsu Aegis Network Germany

Dentsu Aegis Network Germany established a health management and well-being program called Energize! across all of their offices in 2014. Energize! consists of established sports programs that can be tailored to each office. Staff can choose between four different sports classes (TRX, Zumba, Yoga and a Power Workout) which each take place once a week. Classes are led by professionals and staff has the opportunity to participate in 16 classes on offer each month. Energize! helps to motivate people to get out from behind their desk and increase their health and overall satisfaction, and is also a way for colleagues to get to know each other better – leading to better collaboration and a positive impact on Dentsu Aegis Network.

Route to Good

As part of Route 500 – Dentsu Aegis Network's high potential global learning and development programme – CSR and HR launched "Route to Good" in March 2014. Route to Good helps Route 500 members to grow their leadership skills and behaviour through an 18-month team mentoring relationship with small and medium-sized charities, with the aim of helping those charities improve their marketing and communications. In 2014, there were 65 Route to Good participants working in 19 countries across 16 Dentsu Aegis Network brands, helping charities on everything from communication strategies and marketing plans, digital and social media, media planning, fundraising and more.