Environmental Measures

Global Warming Prevention Measures

  • Dentsu's Environmental Activities
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  • Raising Environmental Awareness
  • Reducing CO2 Emissions

Raising Environmental Awareness

Dentsu Group Eco Prize

Dentsu established the Dentsu Group Eco Prize in 2009 as one of its programs to improve environmental communications.

By recognizing excellence in the area of environmental activities, the prize is intended to bolster environmental advocacy across the Dentsu Group and enhance the sharing and accumulation of expertise and knowledge.

There are two types of prize: Category A for educational and awareness activities within the Group, and Category B for activities that target an external audience.

In 2011, Dentsu received 39 applications in Category A and 60 applications in Category B. The Eco Prize winners were selected following a rigorous review process.

Environment-related Slogans, Posters

Dentsu introduced the Dentsu Group Eco Program as part of its efforts to enhance environmental awareness among employees. To fully utilize its communication resources, in 2005 Dentsu began inviting employees and their families to submit environmental slogans. The winning entries are used in posters designed by Dentsu art directors, thereby helping to raise environmental awareness among employees.

Environmental Posters (Fiscal 2011)Winning environmental slogans

Winning Environmental Slogans
It was a beautiful place.
It was a place where
no one lived.
Winning Environmental Slogans
How can we envision
forests or woods
if there are no trees?
Winning Environmental Slogans
It’s not ‘secondhand,'
it’s ‘vintage.'

Head Office Eco Tours

Dentsu conducts eco tours of its Head Office Building. In cooperation with Group companies, the tour participants can view such green facilities as the machine room and garbage room in the Head Office basement, as well as the solar and wind power generation systems and the disaster prevention center on the first floor.

The tours include a look at the meticulous separation of trash conducted in the garbage room; the energy conservation and water recycling systems installed in the machine room; and lectures on the innovative ways in which room temperature is controlled in the building.

Applications for these visits, conducted several times a year, invariably exceed available places, reflecting the keen awareness of environmental issues among employees.

Helping Employees Acquire Eco Test Certification

Dentsu actively encourages its employees to take the Certification Test for Environmental Specialists (Eco Test), sponsored by the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and has done so since the test was first offered in 2006. The goal is to nurture, with a broad range of environmental knowledge, those

Employees who acquire the certification are appointed as ‘eco officers’ to promote Dentsu’s environmental activities, and also carry out such roles as inspectors for internal environmental audits and judges for environmental slogans. A total of 530 employees had acquired the certification as of the end of March 2012.