An Overview of Our Progress and Achievements in Corporate Social Responsibility

Structures for Environmental Activities

Company-wide Efforts

Dentsu strengthened its arrangement for implementing environment-related measures with the establishment in July 2008 of the Environmental Strategy Council, chaired by the President & CEO, to promote environmental strategy as a corporate group. Additionally, the CSR Committee, one of the Company's principal committees, designated environmental managers to advance Groupwide efforts for the environment. CSR promotion committee members and eco committee members advance environmental activities at respective Dentsu divisions (offices). At each Group company, board members in charge of the Eco Program, environmental managers, supervisors, and promotion committee members are appointed to advance environmental activities.

Adoption of the Dentsu Group Eco Program

In January 2005, we adopted the Dentsu Group Eco Program (ongoing), and in May 2005 we acquired ISO 14001 certification. Integrated Group certification that included subsidiaries in Japan was acquired in June 2006. Dentsu and 17 Group companies held this certification as of January, 2017.

Eco-First Commitment (Revised)

Dentsu presented a revised Eco-First Commitment to the Minister of the Environment in March 2012, citing the following three points as focus areas.

  1. We will actively promote environmental communications, thereby spreading the environmental message to the public.
  2. We will support next-generation environmental communications and the environmental efforts of our employees.
  3. We will promote further advancements in 'green' office buildings.

The revised Eco-First Commitment promises that Dentsu will reduce CO2 emissions at the Dentsu Head Office Building by 21% of the fiscal 2003–2004 average and improve the waste recycling rate to 90% by fiscal 2015.

The Company achieved a CO2 emissions reduction of 28.5% in fiscal 2015 and a recycling rate of 89.4%, reaching our targets before the deadline.

Environmental Policy

The Dentsu Group aims to make each employee strongly conscious of its corporate philosophy of “Good Innovation.” and, based on the Dentsu Group Code of Conduct, reduce the environmental burden generated through its business operations in order to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

  • In order to realize a sustainable society, correctly assess the environmental impact of its business activities and work to reduce its burden on the environment.
  • Work to develop and propose environmentally conscious business activities and contribute to the improvement of environmental issues.
  • Ensure thorough implementation of environmental compliance and engage in ongoing improvements to boost environmental performance through more precisely defined environmental objectives and outcomes.
Environmental Protection
  • Actively endeavor to prevent pollution, alleviate climate change, and conserve biodiversity and ecosystems.
Environmental Communication
  • Actively engage in environmental education for the next generation and environmental communication activities to business partners and employees to raise recognition of environmental issues.

Environmental Objectives

  1. Promotion of activities to business partners, consumers and employees to raise recognition of environmental issues
  2. Promotion of activities to prevent global warming and conserve ecosystems
  3. Maintaining waste reduction and recycling at a high rate