An Overview of Our Progress and Achievements in Corporate Social Responsibility

Reducing CO2 Emissions

Energy-saving at Office Buildings

The Dentsu Head Office Building in Tokyo's Shiodome district is replete with cutting-edge equipment chosen to fit the concepts 'built to last a century,' 'harmony with the global environment,' and 'energy efficiency.' The building incorporates more than 30 energy efficiency-related systems.

[Principal Facilities]

Wind turbines and solar-power panels / LED lighting / air-flow windows / cogeneration system / water recycling system / green space development / improved air conditioning control system program / insulating jackets for cold water plate heat exchangers / waste water recycling systems

Raising Recycling Rates through Trash Separation

In an effort to raise recycling rates through more careful separation of trash, Dentsu has placed garbage collection centers, called 'eco counters,' on each floor of its office building, and it is working to raise awareness by posting rules regarding trash separation and a recycling chart.

Trash generated in the office is placed in bins separately colored for recyclables, non-recyclables, and hazardous materials (batteries, box cutter blades and others). Detailed rules are posted regarding disposal methods.