An Overview of Our Progress and Achievements in Corporate Social Responsibility

Communication with Shareholders and Investors

Dentsu strives to conduct proactive IR activities for investors and swiftly deliver accurate information regarding its management situation and policies. In addition to holding earnings presentations twice a year, we aim for wide-ranging two-way communication with shareholders and investors through individual briefings for institutional investors and analysts in Japan and overseas.

Capital Policy and Shareholder Return

Dentsu employs a capital policy aimed at improving its intrinsic corporate value. To that end, it pursues sustainable profit growth with aggressive M&A into growth areas in and outside Japan as a top priority for capital allocation. Furthermore, through a combination of continued dividend stability and agile treasury stock acquisition, Dentsu aims to consistently improve shareholder returns, raise capital efficiency, and improve ROE in the medium-term.

General Meeting of Shareholders

At Dentsu's General Meeting of Shareholders, we make efforts to ensure that shareholders' voting rights are exercised smoothly. This is done through the prompt delivery of notices of General Meetings of Shareholders, introduction of voting through the Internet, and other measures. At the 168th General Meeting of Shareholders, held on March 30, 2017, 531 shareholders attended to hold deliberations.

The General Meeting of Shareholders and a notice featuring business cards

The General Meeting of
Shareholders and a notice

Earnings Presentation

Dentsu places importance on its relationship with analysts and investors. We hold earnings presentations twice a year to explain our financial situation, general overview, and management policies. Additionally, the documents used at earnings presentations are posted on the Dentsu website and made widely available to general investors.

Composition of Shareholders

The total number of Dentsu shareholders is 33,228* as of the end of Dec 2016, and the percentage of total shares issued by type of shareholder is as follows.

* Includes shares held by fractional shareholders, treasury stock and shares under the name of the Japan Securities Depository Center.

Composition of Shareholders