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Since 1988, the Dentsu Group has been holding an annual competition for human rights slogans for Group employees and their families. The term “slogan” is used, but the entries are usually freestyle short messages such as ad copies rather than mottoes. These represent the whole gamut, from the humorous and insightful, to pithy, simple statements of complex human rights themes. It is an in-house initiative that is unique to Dentsu. In fiscal 2013, there were a total of 9,866 entries (8,723 entries in the employee category and 1,143 entries in the family category).

The best slogans are incorporated into human rights posters produced by Dentsu art directors. It is an initiative attempting to make human rights more relatable by expressing them through a combination of copy (words), main visuals, and designs, in other words, ad creative techniques.

Advertising communications convey information through expressions that are easy for everyone to understand and memorable. Is there any way to use the techniques of “communication” cultivated through advertising to highlight human rights? Is there a way to “advertise human rights”? That was the original reason for engaging in human rights poster production.

Up to fiscal 2013, we have produced a total of 115 posters. While it started as an in-house initiative, now local government bodies and corporations make requests for their use and the posters are used for human rights- related events across Japan.

Dentsu aims to contribute to the firm establishment of human rights in society through a repeated cycle of producing human rights slogans and posters → people see the posters → people talk about what they felt from seeing the posters.

Number of Human Rights Slogan Entries

FY 2011 FY 2012 FY 2013
Employee category 8,219 7,310 8,723
Family category 1,179 1,120 1,143
Total 9,398 8,430 9,866

Dentsu Human Rights Posters Produced in 2013(The 26th Program)

Human Rights Poster

Even if I walk a little slower than others, even if I take a little more time to think than others, even if it takes me a little more time than others, please don’t give up on me before I do.[Theme] For the rights of those with disabilities [ Underlying message ] It cannot be helped that things take more time for me compared to able-bodied persons. However, I “do it” because I know I “can do it,” so please don’t give up on me and think “you can’t” before I do.

Human Rights Poster

Making a country foreigners would want to visit. That’s globalization too.

[Theme] To eliminate discrimination against foreign citizens living in Japan. [Underlying message] To propose a new set of values for globalization.

Human Rights Poster

Husband and wife, husband and husband, wife and wife. Why can’t there be different kinds of couples?

[ Theme] For minorities

[Underlying message] I think it is important to create a place where people can be with the person they love regardless of gender.