An Overview of Our Progress and Achievements in Corporate Social Responsibility

Human Rights Awareness Activities through Training Programs, etc.

The Dentsu Group's human rights awareness training programs are run in a systematic manner based on both the employees' hierarchy and occupational fields. Additionally, the Dentsu Group human rights education conference is held twice a year for those responsible for human rights education at Dentsu and human rights education managers at Group companies.

There are also various opportunities other than training programs to raise awareness of human rights. Original textbooks with information of human rights and an explanation on their relationship to advertising expression are distributed to employees when then join the Company.

The Human Rights College, a site that collects past examples of advertising expressions related to human rights, is posted on the Company's intranet. A human rights newsletter containing timely human rights-related topics is distributed within the Group twice a month. The Group also established a permanent consulting contact related to advertising expression and human rights in order to maintain the appropriateness of expressions communicated to the world and respond to inquiries from within the Group.