An Overview of Our Progress and Achievements in Corporate Social Responsibility

Human Rights Art Project

The Human Rights Art Project has transformed the Dentsu Group’s previous human rights poster production activities into a more open activity involving a broader sphere of society. Students at art universities collaborate in the production of posters by providing designs to accompany the human rights slogans.

The collaboration started in fiscal 2007 and currently we are collaborating with Joshibi University of Art and Design, Musashino Art University, and Kyoto University of Art and Design. Students work with Dentsu creative staff from the initial idea stage to produce the posters. In fiscal 2016, 58 students participated and to date, some 870 students have participated in the project. It is an initiative that enables Dentsu to contribute to the social issue of human rights awareness using the communications skills honed through advertising work.

Human Rights Art Project Posters produced in fiscal 2016