An Overview of Our Progress and Achievements in Corporate Social Responsibility

Anti-harassment Activities

At Dentsu, separate from the internal reporting and proposal system Compliance Line put in place in fiscal 2012 in order to prevent in-house actions that violate laws and other regulations, the contacts for harassment-related issues were centralized at the Harassment Counseling Section.

The Harassment Counseling Section has contact points at Dentsu branches as well as outside the Company, and it provides consultation to achieve and maintain employees' respect for human rights as well as a safe and civilized working environment.

Consultation is given for various harassment issues, in-house human relationships, breaches of manners, troublesome behavior, and more. Additionally, the Harassment Counseling Section coordinates with harassment contacts at each Dentsu Group company to prevent harassment throughout the entire Group.

Moreover, holding a harassment prevention caravan at Dentsu Head Office and branch offices, implementing employee awareness activities to prevent power harassment and sexual harassment, issuing the STOP! HARASSMENT educational guidebook, holding training sessions for those requiring them, posting on Company bulletin boards, and utilizing employees to promote awareness of CSR at each Company department serve to call attention to issues and thus help prevent them from occurring.