An Overview of Our Progress and Achievements in Corporate Social Responsibility

Striving for CSR that Conforms with Global Standards

Promoting CSR Activities Based on Awareness of ISO 26000

In November 2010, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) released ISO 26000, an international standard providing social responsibility guidelines that are recommended for adoption by a wide range of organizations worldwide. By carrying out CSR activities based on an awareness of the seven core themes for social responsibility included in ISO 26000, as is demonstrated by the 'Dentsu Group Code of Conduct', Dentsu aims to contribute to sustainable development.

Participation in the United Nations Global Compact

Dentsu joined the United Nations Global Compact in December 2009 and upholds its 10 principles on human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption.

Along with the 'Dentsu Group Code of Conduct', Dentsu observes and practices the Global Compact principles as guidelines for its CSR activities. Dentsu also submits a 'CSR report' every year to the UN Global Compact and gives an annual activities report (Communication on Progress: COP) aimed at the realization of the 10 principles.

Principal Measures in Fiscal 2013 vis-à-vis ISO 26000 and the UN Global Compact

Dentsu's principal measures in fiscal 2013 with regard to the seven core themes of ISO 26000, and the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact, are summarized below.

Global Compact
10 Principles
ISO 26000 seven
core subjects
and issues
Principal Measures
- Organizational
Compliance with the 'Dentsu Group Code of Conduct'
Dentsu's corporate governance structure
Proper operation of internal control systems (compliance with Financial Instruments and Exchange Law / Companies Act)
Implementation of robust risk management systems (review risk assessments → develop and implement response plans → monitoring)
Appropriate and close communication with shareholders and investors
Human Rights
(Principles 1, 2)
Human Rights [Human rights education activities] Implementation of human rights awareness activities for employees (training programs by job requirements / occupational field, Human Rights College, etc.), various human rights-related communication activities (human rights slogan competition, human rights poster production, etc.)
Introduction of harassment counseling contacts, the Harassment Counseling Section, creation of a guidebook, holding employee education/training programs
(Principles 3-6)
Promotion of work / life balance, employee health care systems, and employees that encouraged to take vacation entitlements
A workplace environment that fully utilizes employee talent (respect for diversity, systems to help employees balance child-rearing and work, etc.)
Global workplace campaigns and programs (Wellbeing, Route to Good and oters)
(Principles 7-9)
Environment Establishment of an environment policy, implementation of the 'Dentsu Group Eco Program', measures to fulfill our Eco-First Commitment, environmental awareness-raising activities, (Group Eco Awards, environmental slogan/ environmental poster production, Greenwash Guide, etc.), '30 Days of Green' environmental campaign overseas by DAN, and others
(Principle 10)
Fair Business
[Promotion of compliance systems at Dentsu and Dentsu Group companies] Fostering employee awareness of compliance issues through a 'compliance website', conducting compliance workshops, introducing and implementing an internal reporting and proposal system, 'Compliance Line'
Revision of the CSR Basic Procurement Policy and Procurement Guidelines in accordance with the formulation of the 'Dentsu Group Code of Conduct' and continued operation of the partnership hotline
Respect for Laws and Regulations and Various Rights in Business Activities
Development of an Information Security Management System
- Consumer
'Sustainability Marketing'activities (Dentsu Diversity Lab)
[Joint efforts with administrative agencies] Promotion of the 'Smart Life Project', involvement in the 'Food Action Nippon' campaign
Global programs for 'Consumer Issues' (Media for Good, and others)
- Community
[Support for recovery efforts related to the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami] Tsunami evacuation program 'Kakeagare! Japan', Administrative support for the 'Tohoku Rokkon (Six-Soul) Festival', various support programs for reconstruction in Fukushima Prefecture, and others
[Various social contribution activities] Advertising Elementary School Program, China Advertising HR Development Project, various activities by DAN (Volunteer Challenge, GlobalGivingTIME,1000Cranes and others)