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Norihiro Kuretani Executive Officers, Dentsu Inc. Representative Director & CEO, Dentsu Digital Inc.

Executive Officers, Dentsu Inc.
Representative Director & CEO, Dentsu Digital Inc.
Norihiro Kuretani

Digital Underpins All Our Strategies

It may seem that for the Dentsu Group, “digital” is a specific business area or service name. Yet we are already living in a digital world, and the Dentsu Group places digital compatibility at the heart of all businesses and strategies.

However, it does not mean that we are limited to solutions only using digital technologies. Without a doubt, digital technology is deeply engrained in every aspect of our daily lives and our clients’ activities, and marketing is rapidly undergoing a widespread digital transformation. Yet the Dentsu Group is media-neutral when it comes to solving clients’ challenges, and it uses a comprehensive and integrated approach to generate the best solutions. I believe that the source of our strength lies in creativity.

Reinforce Ability to Execute Digital Strategies

The creativity offered by the Dentsu Group is unique, because we go beyond mere concepts to put ideas into action and provide meaningful solutions.

Within the Group, Dentsu Digital contributes solutions based on digital technology.

Dentsu Digital offers a wide service lineup that encompasses all aspects of digital marketing. It also can go beyond planning and execution to provide one-stop services that include consulting, development and implementation, and operation. In addition, it has personnel with experience and knowledge of both digital technology and overall marketing based on the partnership with the Dentsu Group. Dentsu Digital is solidifying and improving its cutting-edge capabilities, while rapidly securing and training specialized personnel. In addition, it plans to expand and deepen synergies with the capabilities of the Dentsu Group that include content, media, creativity, and marketing, as well as pursue alliances and collaboration with external partners.

The partnership with DAN will become even more important. Aiming to be 100% digital economy business by 2020, DAN is developing and deploying methods and tools that incorporate its extensive digital knowledge on a global scale. Dentsu Digital aims for further growth by bringing these tools to Japan, as well as by providing DAN with advanced solutions and methods that it has developed in Japan.