Business Lineup

"Good Innovation.", the Dentsu Group's corporate philosophy, encapsulates the Group-wide drive to create new value and lead the way toward transformation, while also emphasizing its commitment to supporting innovation within business enterprises and other organizations.

Commensurate with its position as a solutions partner responding to the challenges faced by its clients in such areas as corporate management, business operations and marketing, the Dentsu Group provides a diverse range of services.

To meet the changing needs of society, the environment and consumer lifestyles, the Dentsu Group's service sphere is expanding to cover an array of societal issues.

Good Innovation.
  • Strategic Solutions
  • Communication Design
  • Creative Sphere
  • Promotions
  • Digital
  • Media Content
  • Social Solutions

● Strategic Solutions

The Dentsu Group seeks to go beyond a conventional advertising company model by delivering diverse solutions and consulting expertise linked to corporate strategy-building, including corporate innovation, brand management, product development, corporate communications and the direct marketing business. From marketing consulting and distribution formats to promotional activities, the nature of business is undergoing major changes in the current media environment. Amid this transformation, the Group's response to client issues is strongly underpinned by creativity accumulated through a broad range of communication activities, allowing the Group to distinguish itself as a solutions partner.

The Group's strategic solutions activities include, among others:
corporate innovation consulting;
brand consulting;
corporate identity and visual identity strategy planning and execution;
marketing consulting;
crisis communications;
direct marketing solutions.

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● Communication Design

In the current market, consumer contact points are diversifying and corporate messages are not reaching the intended recipients as easily as they once did. Consequently, communication design is taking on greater importance. The goal of communication design goes beyond general communication activities to the design of an optimum environment in which consumers can receive the advertisers' information.

To this end, marketers' efforts are directed toward accurately identifying consumer preferences and prevailing conditions and designing communication processes, opportunities and other measures in light of these preferences and conditions. The Dentsu Group enables the execution of communication activities that encompass various information channels in addition to conventional advertising. In shaping desirable communication environments, the Group considers measures such as strategic public relations, or PR, and word-of-mouth marketing, also called "buzz" marketing. It then implements media-neutral planning, often incorporating content-based communication including branded entertainment and branded utility. In addition, the Group extends its sphere of activity to corporate, business and product development, and designs and delivers solutions to the challenges clients face by utilizing all types of communication opportunities.

The Group's communication design activities include, among others:
  • • cross-media communications planning; and
  • • strategic PR design.

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● Creative Sphere

Oriented toward "innovative creativity," the Dentsu Group draws on a wealth of talent including art directors, copywriters, television commercial planners and communication strategists. By combining their expertise and diverse approaches unrestricted by convention, the Group delivers flexible and original creative solutions. Its high level of creativity is substantiated by tangible results. The "Creator of the Year" award, which was established by the Japan Advertising Agencies Association to recognize an outstanding creator from any of the association's member companies and is awarded annually, has been given to one of the Group's creators 22 out of the 24 times it has been presented. In addition, The Gunn Report, which tallies the winners' lists from all of the world's most important advertising awards, shows the Group among the top five most-awarded agencies for the past ten years.

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● Promotions

The essence of promotions is the ability to create mechanisms that will motivate people to act. As products and services become more diverse, it becomes more difficult to stimulate purchasing behavior based on product strength alone. At the same time, consumers are constantly exposed to a torrent of information, making it difficult for them to make optimum purchasing decisions.

The Dentsu Group possesses substantial organizational, content and network resources necessary for the planning and execution of a broad array of promotion strategies, and has a specific technical expertise for increasing the effectiveness of promotion strategies. The Group excels not only in the field of in-store communications but also in such areas as knowledge and tools for the digital sphere, and such disciplines as space branding.

The Group's promotion activities include:
  • • in-store and shopper marketing;
  • • digital promotions; and
  • • space branding.

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● Digital

Clients' marketing needs are becoming more sophisticated as digital technology evolves, and the Dentsu Group seeks to respond with integrated, high-level digital solutions. It established Dentsu Digital Holdings Inc., a business management company, and the Group's Digital Business Division, an internal division of Dentsu, in January 2010. These function as the core of the Group's digital business. Complementing our networking capabilities, this enhanced digital marketing framework facilitates one-stop access to digital solutions unique to us. The solutions combine the campaign planning, creative and mass media strengths that are essential to a comprehensive advertising company.

The Group's digital business activities include, among others:
  • • business and technology development;
  • • interactive media (Internet media, mobile media, search engine marketing and performance media);
  • • data management and marketing;
  • • digital campaign production; and
  • • digital authoring (website development, channel development and digital creative ideas).

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● Media Content

The Dentsu Group seeks to apply cutting-edge planning methodologies and a wealth of proven results to effective and client-centric media planning and media buying. The Group also develops original media plans and content assets. In addition, it lays the groundwork for utilizing effective content in advertising campaigns through such means as developing new businesses, investing in feature film production and acquiring broadcasting rights to major sports content by leveraging long-standing bonds of trust with media companies.

The Group's media content business activities include, among others:
  • • media planning;
  • • media buying;
  • • sports marketing;
  • • entertainment content marketing;
  • • new business development with media companies; and
  • • audience insight.

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● Social Solutions

To realize effective solutions to societal issues requires the active participation and cooperation of governmental agencies, private-sector organizations, non-profit organizations (NPOs) and ordinary citizens. Management believes that it is essential to work toward solutions that will help to realize a better society based on the acceptance and participation of all stakeholders. The Dentsu Group identifies social themes through future predictions focusing on changes in society, the environment and consumer lifestyles, and then visualizes complex, interrelated issues. Furthermore, specialist teams provide optimal solutions at the consulting, planning and execution phases for such projects as business scheme development, communications strategy planning and the development of programs to encourage social involvement.

The Group's social solutions activities include:
  • • environmental strategy;
  • • renewable energy and smart grid initiatives;
  • • food and agriculture business development;
  • • consulting and planning for corporate social responsibility and sustainability;
  • • sustainability marketing; and
  • • social design engine business, emphasizing the visualization of social themes; and a variety of other projects such as life innovation (focusing on health, medical treatment and nursing care), "bottom-of-the-pyramid" business and national tourism.

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