The First Truly GlobalCommunications Network for the Digital Age

In March 2013, the Dentsu Group, the No. 1 advertising agency in Japan, and the London-based Aegis Group, the world's largest independent media agency with a fast-growing global network, became one. Together, we are the world's first global communications network with a leading position in Japan.
Having welcomed the Aegis Group under its corporate umbrella, the Dentsu Group embarked on a newly drafted medium-term management plan, Dentsu 2017 and Beyond, which is matched to major changes in scale and business structure brought about by the acquisition of the Aegis Group.
Dentsu seeks to be a constantly growing, truly global company and will guide the Group in pursuing opportunities aimed at expanding business in growth fields and capturing new sources of revenue. At the same time, Dentsu seeks to improve profitability in all areas, particularly core businesses.