Dentsu Group Strengths



The Dentsu Group delivers optimum solutions, including television commercials, in various domains, such as advertising, entertainment content, public relations and product design, by masterfully aligning ideas, media and people unrestricted by conventional formats and digital/traditional borders.

The Group’s high creative capability is substantiated in the number of globally authoritative advertising awards.

In addition to the international advertising awards noted below, the Group was singled out for recognition at the 2014 Asia Pacific Advertising Festival, capturing “Network of the Year,” “Advertising Agency of the Year” and “Interactive Agency of the Year”—a triple-crown achievement—while at the 2014 D&AD Awards, the Group shone as the “Most Awarded Digital Agency.” At the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the Group accrued the third-highest number of points in the “Asia Pacific Regional Network of the Year” category, and on its own, Dentsu was named runner-up in the “Agency of the Year” category.

Key International Ad Award Wins
The largest ad festival in the Asia Pacific region, ADFEST was established in 1998 with the support of the Asian Federation of Advertising Associations (AFAA). It is one of the most prestigious advertising festivals in the world.
The One Show is an esteemed advertising award sponsored by The One Club, a U.S. non-profit organization formed to discover and foster talent in young creators.
D&AD, a non-profit organization headquartered in the United Kingdom, was founded in 1962 under the name British Design & Art Direction. The annual D&AD Awards are recognized worldwide as the most difficult to earn in the field of design and advertising due to a particularly rigorous screening process.
The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity got its start as a cinema screen advertising contest within the Cannes International Film Festival but became a separate event in 1954. It has gained particularly high recognition among numerous international advertising awards for its scale, the composition of its judging panel, and the high level of the award-winning works.
In 2014 at the inaugural Cannes Lions Health Festival, a new show preceding the main Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, “Mother Book,” one of the pieces of work that Dentsu produced, won the first-ever Health and Wellness Grand Prix.
Column: Dentsu Creativity
Yuya Furukawa
Head of Communication Design Center,
Executive Creative Director,
Dentsu Inc.

The advertising industry, itself, stands at a historic crossroads—a point of coexisting crisis and opportunity. What you can be sure of is the only agencies likely to survive in the 21st century are those that have over the last few years discovered new domains and successfully orchestrated structural changes. I believe the key to success is creativity.

Dentsu’s creative strengths are, simply, “height” and “pervasive presence.” The issues that agencies must resolve are becoming increasingly sophisticated and diversified, and in this environment, the creative domain is expanding as well. The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity—the world’s most influential advertising event—had 17 categories as of 2014. Whatever the category, from film to cyber, promotions, outdoor, design, PR, innovation, branded content and entertainment, and all the way to product design, Dentsu has the expertise to address any and all needs. Moreover, we have the high-level direction capabilities to integrate all these areas of expertise into the most ideal and most powerful solutions. If Dentsu, as an agency for tomorrow, prioritizes the use and integration of all these diverse components, we will gain a huge advantage.

In 2014, Dentsu was named runner-up in the Agency of the Year category at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. That is the best any Japanese ad agency has ever done. “Sound of Honda / Ayrton Senna 1989,” which captured the coveted Titanium Grand Prix, took Senna’s driving data and converted it into something emotional through the power of creativity. Dentsu complemented this coup with honors in a wide range of categories, including the first ever Health and Wellness Grand Prix for “Mother Book.” This recognition serves to validate the pervasive presence Dentsu has built across multiple domains and the height to which its innovation and creativity reach.

Of the 26 people who have received a “Creator of the Year" award from the Japan Advertising Agencies Association, which recognizes outstanding performances by creatives in Japan, 24 were Dentsu professionals. Looking at other results, such as recognition from the All Japan Radio & Television Commercial Confederation (ACC) for television and radio advertising, Dentsu demonstrates overwhelming strength in domestic mass media domains, including television.

The role that agencies have to fulfill going forward is evolving beyond simple solutions to client issues through advertising. Agencies need to be able to pinpoint all the issues that clients face in their operations at home and abroad and address them through approaches that utilize advertising as well as those that do not. The world faces a mountain of issues, so diverse in scope and bigger than anything ever seen before. Japan, in particular, is said to be showing the impact of social issues ahead of other advanced countries. I see this as an opportunity. If we can harness the power of ideas and use it to create solutions to prevailing issues, we will be able to bring some happiness to people around the world.

Dentsu will strive to establish itself as the world’s foremost solution company. Our job is to make the world a better place through the power of creativity.

Yuya Furukawa
Head of Communication Design Center,
Executive Creative Director,
Dentsu Inc.
Joined Dentsu Inc., assigned to Creative Division
Won first-ever Cannes Gold Lion
Won Dentsu Award for TV Advertising
Won Grand prix at ADFEST
Won the Japan Advertising Agencies Association’s Creative Person of the Year Award
Served as Film category jury member at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity
Won Grand Prix at the ACC Commercial FESTIVAL
Appointed Head of Communication Design Center and Executive Creative Director of Dentsu Inc.
Served as Titanium and Integrated category jury member at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity
Served as Film category jury member at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity

Today, as a foremost expert of integrated direction who solves issues using various methods, he leads advertising and other various kinds of projects and also is responsible for enhancing the level of the solution fields overall.