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In the era of marketing convergence1, with digital technologies changing the way in which advertisers need to market their products to consumers, our clients are looking to agencies to help them innovate across multiple channels and platforms. With this in mind, the Dentsu Group has scale and depth in digital and we will continue to build our digital capabilities and increase our focus on innovation through making bolt-on acquisitions in the future. This will ensure our clients are able to continue to be innovative, in areas like programmatic buying, which is becoming part of every digital channel—across display, video, mobile and social. Across our digital agencies, both Isobar and 360i won a number of “Digital Agency of the Year” awards in 2013, across various regions, and iProspect achieved several “Performance Agency of the Year” awards, highlighting the quality of work our digital agencies deliver for clients.
New marketing paradigm reflecting spread of digital media and social media in recent years as well as changing consumer behavior patterns and progress in all kinds of technologies
Achievements of Key Dentsu Digital Brands Digital Agency of the Year for three consecutive years (2011–2013) Third largest U.S. search-marketing agency (2013) Fourth largest U.S. search-marketing agency (2013)
Source: Campaign Asia-Pacific
Source: Advertising Age, April 28, 2014 edition
Column: Delivering Ideas Without Limits
Jean Lin
Global CEO, Isobar

Our vision at Isobar is to deliver “Ideas Without Limits” for our clients, by blending the creative thinking of our people with the expertise we have developed in building technology. We are a global full-service digital marketing agency known for creatively tackling the largest, most complex problems in the digital space across multiple channels.

Our performance in 2013 provided our network with a strong foundation from which to build Isobar’s “Ideas Without Limits” vision. Last year, we won over 280 client assignments, over 170 awards, including 18 “Agency of the Year” awards, and we were selected as Campaign’s “Most Awarded Digital Agency Network” in the Asia Pacific region in 2013 and 2012.

“Borderless Thinking” requires global coverage and continuous innovation

By ensuring we are focused on delivering “Ideas Without Limits” for our clients, we aim to create a truly global full-service brand commerce agency, supporting our clients to become more effective in commerce-building brands by putting the last mile first.

This ambition is based on borderless thinking, requiring global coverage, capabilities and presence. To this end, Isobar now has over 3,000 people in 40 countries around the world, with over half of our people based in BRIC economies—closely matching our clients’ development and investment agendas.

Our ambition is also built on a relentless focus on innovation, ensuring Isobar can deliver borderless thinking, built on evolving technology, and can design scalable business solutions that are personal, adaptive and valuable.

Depth in digital capabilities is our key differentiator

To achieve our ambition, we are building a consistent global network, where our Isobar agencies in all major markets have strength in depth to deliver the following services to our clients:

  • Strategies: We devise digital strategies that transform business processes and reinvent industries
  • Campaigns: We create, distribute, measure and optimize digitally centered programs and campaigns
  • Experiences: We design user-centric experiences that tell brand stories throughout the customer journey on multiple screens
  • Platforms: We build highly scalable and flexible technology solutions that are business critical
  • Products: We invent new revenue streams for clients by designing digitally enabled products and services

We believe that it is this depth in digital capabilities that will truly differentiate the Isobar offering from our competitors, enabling us to support our clients innovatively in engaging with consumers and managing transactions in an increasingly complex marketing environment. Therefore, while “digital” as a proposition will still enable business transformation, it will no longer be a key differentiator for agencies—“depth in digital” will be the key driver for Isobar for the years ahead.

Jean Lin
Global CEO, Isobar
Founder and CEO of wwwins Consulting
Appointed Regional Director of Isobar, following acquisition of wwwins Consulting by Aegis Group plc
Appointed Global Chief Strategy Officer of Isobar
Appointed CEO, Asia Pacific of Isobar
Appointed Global CEO of Isobar

Ms. Lin, a driving force in Isobar’s development and expansion, began her career at Ogilvy & Mather in Taiwan.