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The Dentsu Group is now a leading global player in the media business and will continue to build its position as a global media agency, while continuing to drive its market-leading position in Japan.

The Group’s media agency networks include Dentsu in Japan, and Carat, Vizeum and Dentsu Media, overseas, each with competitive products and services for clients. Of note, Carat is the largest media brand within the Dentsu Group and was ranked the No. 1 Global Media Network in terms of billings growth (19.3%) in 2013 in 62 countries, compared with all other agencies, according to RECMA research for 2013, published in June 2014. Our unique eco-system planning framework, embedded in our media agencies, helps our clients navigate across an increasingly complex media environment, where an interconnection of media touch-points is as important as a single channel’s effect in driving our clients’ business. So through our eco-system planning framework, we measure consumer actions across the eco-system, evaluate synergies and opportunities and, based on this analysis, advise our clients on how to maximize their media investments. This planning framework is underpinned by our unique insight tool, CCS (Consumer Connection System), which allows our clients to develop their marketing strategies around consumer behavior.

4th Largest Media Agency Group
Media billings of WPP, Publicis, Omnicom, Interpublic Group and Havas are based on overall activity billings in RECMA Overall Activity Rankings 2013.

The Dentsu Group’s media billings are a simple sum of Dentsu Aegis Network’s media billings and Dentsu’s non-consolidated media billings.

Dentsu Aegis Network’s media billings are based on overall activity billings in RECMA Overall Activity Rankings 2013.

Dentsu’s U.S. dollar-denominated non-consolidated media billings are converted from yen to U.S. dollars using the average exchange rate for 2013 (calendar year).

Column: Redefining the Role of a Media Agency, Globally and Locally
Matthew Hook
Managing Director, Carat UK
Our global vision

Carat’s global vision is “Redefining Media” through transformative work that creates tangible business value for our clients. This vision inspires us to become more than just a traditional media planning and buying agency—by “Redefining Media” for our clients, we are able to position ourselves as their essential business partners.

Supporting our clients in a complex environment

Our clients operate in the context of globalization and marketing convergence. As a result of the emergence of these trends, our clients need a comprehensive understanding of the drivers of consumer behavior in different countries and regions, to help them judge where future growth will come from, and ultimately where their priorities should be, in terms of investment and resource.

As our clients’ business partner, Carat has a unique perspective on all communication channels and platforms across the marketing eco-system. This is based on our cutting-edge insight into consumer behavior and is supported by our unique operating model “One P&L,” which enables us to provide our clients with specialist guidance in areas like social media and search optimization.

Consequently, by “Redefining Media” for our clients, we can advise them on their marketing budgets across a broad and complex marketing eco-system.

Localizing our global vision

To bring our global vision to life in Carat UK, we have focused on three key pillars:

1. People: We have created a culture to attract, retain and develop the best talent in the marketplace, as illustrated by our nomination as “One of the 100 Best Companies to Work for” by the Sunday Times, a well-known U.K. newspaper publication. This enables us to fulfill the most valuable role that an agency plays in the modern media landscape—delivering genuinely holistic thinking, with a positive and collaborative outlook that encourages clients to explore the emerging landscape with confidence. In the context of globalization, the rich talent of the U.K. market increasingly plays a prominent strategic role for Carat’s global clients.

2. Value: We have a market-leading product which is genuinely delivering business value for our clients. Our product is supported by innovative insight and planning tools, many of which have been cascaded across Carat’s global network. In 2013, Carat UK won 54 awards for our work, a signal of the quality of our product, and ultimately the value we deliver for our clients.

3. Growth: Carat UK has cemented its place as the No. 2 in the market in terms of pure scale, and we have a clear plan to become No. 1 over the next three years. However, the key to growth in the modern landscape is diversification—by continuing to innovate and differentiate our product, utilizing the specialization of the other Dentsu Aegis Network agencies, we continue to drive both our reputation and our business success.

Matthew Hook
Managing Director, Carat UK
Joined Vizeum UK
Appointed Partner of Jumptank US
Appointed Chief Strategy Officer of Carat UK
Appointed Managing Director of Carat UK

Mr. Hook is responsible for running Carat UK, focusing on its people and culture, delivery for clients and the growth and diversification of the business.