The Dentsu Group's
Future Management Policies

Digital: A Substantial Increase in Non-consolidated Net Sales

  • In the digital domain, we achieved positive results on a non-consolidated basis in the 2nd half.
  • We promoted collaboration with cci (cyber communications inc.) and Opt-with two objectives in mind. The first was to strengthen the ability of the client services teams, our business frontline, to make appropriate proposals to clients for their digital-related businesses. The second was to strengthen our capability to provide integrated solutions incorporating mass media, our forte.
  • As a result, we succeeded in winning a wide range of new accounts including several major clients in the 2nd half of fiscal 2009. Sales in the mobile and SEM-related service segments grew markedly as well as those in the PC media segment.
  • We plan to carry this momentum to the entire Group, particularly to the local domestic brand agencies.
  • Moreover, Dentsu Digital Holdings, a new holding company established in January 2010, will further pursue resource concentration and expertise sharing on a Group-wide level. This should help each Group member company further hone its expertise, while allowing the Group as a whole to further fortify its capacity to deliver integrated solutions.
  • While the net sales of Dentsu Inc. and other digital-related subsidiaries and affiliates totaled 150 billion yen for fiscal 2009, we will aim to reach the Dentsu Group's medium-term goal for the digital domain-net sales of 250 billion yen in fiscal 2013.
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