The Dentsu Group's
Future Management Policies

Promotions: Growth Above the Market Average

  • To strengthen the Group's overall capability to deliver integrated solutions, we believe it is essential to further invigorate our promotions domain.
  • In order to enhance our ability to respond to client needs in this domain, we established the Dentsu Promotion Center at our Shiodome Head Office in May 2009. By assigning professional staff members of this Center to the frontline of each client services team, we increased promotional mobility and succeeded in promptly attending to client needs. This resulted in our receiving increased orders.
  • Also, in order to further promote the collaboration of our highly reputed creative capabilities with our promotional services, we established the Solution Creative Office within the Promotion Business Division. This move has enhanced the quality of the services we offer our clients.
  • As a result of these efforts, our promotion-related sales exceeded the market average in both the 1st and 2nd halves of fiscal 2009. This is a positive sign that our capability to make comprehensive proposals to our clients has increased.
  • Furthermore, in order to carry out a thorough control of sourcing and business processes, and thereby ensuring improved quality of services and profitability, we newly established the Outsourcing Management Department as well as the Business Process Management Department within the Promotion Business Division.
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