The Dentsu Group's
Future Management Policies

Global: Enhanced Range of Services

  • With regard to the second area of progress in the global domain, we extended our range of services in each overseas market.
  • In the United States, we enhanced our competitiveness in the digital domain by having Innovation Interactive-a leading U.S. digital agency with strengths in SEM and the social domain-join the Dentsu Group.
  • In China, we expanded our marketing services lineup in China by forming a capital and business alliance with Suntrend Group, the largest sales promotions network in China. We will also jointly establish Dentsu BlueFocus Public Relations Consulting with BlueFocus Communications Group, a major PR company in China.
  • The Dentsu Group will continue to fortify its service strengths in specialized domains, such as digital, media and promotions, through M&anp;A and other means.
  • By doing so, we hope to establish a stronger and more extensive foothold for our integrated solution services in the global market, and to further develop both existing and new accounts, be they Japanese, global or local.
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