The Dentsu Group's
Future Management Policies

Platform: Enhanced Collaboration with Key Players

  • In response to the increasingly diversified means of communication between corporations and consumers, creating new business models is a major challenge as we have highlighted in our Medium-term Management Plan. With the advent of new smart devices such as Kindle and iPad, competition in this domain will become even more intense.
  • Against this backdrop, we established the Platform Business Development Office in January 2010 as a specialized team. Serving as a hub, this Office is collaborating with media, telecommunications companies and other key players in the communications field.
  • The strength of the Dentsu Group lies in its marketing intelligence derived through consumer analysis and insight as well as a wealth of creativity that enables us to deliver the optimum method for communication with consumers. With the advent of new media and devices which require novel communication methods for the new era, we believe the Dentsu Group has the capacity to present integrated proposals that prove its strengths.
  • From a medium-to-long-term perspective, we hope to further develop platform businesses as new sources of revenue for the Dentsu Group.
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