Financial Summary for 1H/FY2009
(from April 1 to September 30, 2009)

Consolidated Ordinary Income and Net Income / Loss

  • Non-operating income decreased by 0.8 billion yen to 5.2 billion yen. This is primarily due to the decrease in interest and dividend income.
  • Non-operating expenses declined by 0.1 billion yen to 1.6 billion yen.
  • Net non-operating income was thus 3.6 billion yen, a 0.6 billion yen decrease from the previous year.
  • Ordinary income was 10.4 billion yen-a 52.7% decline from the previous year. Extraordinary income was 1.3 billion yen. A 0.8 billion yen gain on sales of fixed assets was recorded, mainly due to the sales of land owned by Dentsu Tec Inc. and the welfare facilities of the parent company.
  • Extraordinary losses amounted to 1.7 billion yen. This includes the 0.6 billion yen loss from business restructuring and the 0.4 billion yen loss on liquidation of subsidiaries. To be more specific, the former refers to the restructuring of Dentsu Brussels Group, once under the umbrella of Dentsu Holdings Europe Ltd., and ISID. The latter refers to the liquidation of Dentsu Italia and Cayenne Amsterdam that used to operate under Dentsu Holdings Europe.
  • Thus, we registered a net extraordinary loss of 0.3 billion yen-a 6 billion yen improvement from the previous year-as a rebound on the extraordinary loss in fiscal 2008.
  • As a result, pretax income fell 35.6% to 10.1 billion yen.
  • Net income decreased 12.0% to 7.1 billion yen. This reflects factors such as the tax refund on income taxes for past fiscal years which is attributable to the partial write-off of a valuation loss on the listed shares posted in past fiscal years.
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