Overview of 1H FY2009 and
Future Management Policies

Consolidated Financial Results

  • I am Tatsuyoshi Takashima, President & CEO of Dentsu. The Dentsu Group's financial results for the first half of fiscal 2009 have been covered in a separate presentation by our CFO, Shoichi Nakamoto. In this presentation, I would like to summarize the key points while sharing with you the outlook of the Group's activities for the coming years.
  • To increase revenue during this six-month period, we capitalized on our home ground businesses, such as sports and other events, while taking on the challenge of solving societal issues through communications activities. We also took full advantage of the House of Representatives election held in Japan this summer.
  • At the same time we implemented cost-cutting measures, with particular emphasis on operating expenses. We formulated a medium-term management plan and embarked on various initiatives.
  • However, due to the recession and the rebound effect of the Beijing Olympic Games in the previous year, our Group's consolidated net sales in the first half of this fiscal year saw a double-digit negative growth rate.
  • The economy has started to show some signs of recovery, and the negative growth rate in the second half is expected to be lower than in the first half. Yet the financial outlook for this fiscal year and thereafter will continue to be uncertain.
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