Overview of 1H FY2009 and
Future Management Policies

Consolidated Gross Profit

  • To increase gross profit, while implementing corporate infrastructure reform, we will focus on domains with a high potential for significant results, and work on new, innovative schemes. I would like to introduce our efforts in three domains in particular- the global, digital and platform business domains.
  • In the global domain, we have already seen some positive results by actively promoting local staff members into management positions. This has led to the acquisition of new local as well as global clients.
  • Take, for example, McGarry Bowen, one of our subsidiaries in the United States. It has won blue-chip clients/brand accounts one after another in the United States-Kraft, Verizon and Pfizer. McGarry Bowen has succeeded in diversifying the Dentsu Group's client portfolio.
  • We are also beginning to see encouraging results in other countries such as China and India. Beiing Dentsu has won China Life Insurance Company Limited in China, while Dentsu Media India has won Aircel Limited, India's leading mobile operator.
  • In addition to Japanese clients, we will strive to win both global and local accounts in regions such as Europe, where we are currently restructuring our business operations, as well as in the South American and Asian markets.
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