Overview of 1H FY2009 and
Future Management Policies

Consolidated Operating Income

  • The digital domain will continue to be a key driver for our growth.
  • As we have recently announced, in January 2010 we will establish Dentsu Digital Holdings-a holding company in the digital domain. Our Group-wide digital business strategies will thus be more unified, covering the whole range of activities from planning to implementation. Dentsu Digital Holdings will make prompt decisions on such matters as technology development, consolidation of resources to strengthen our digital expertise, and key business investments in the digital domain.
  • Clients are looking for the convenience of one-stop solutions that cover everything within a single entity-from Internet advertising to website planning, website development to data analysis. We will integrate various functions of our Group companies to serve our clients as we strive to become Japan's foremost digital agency.
  • We intend to develop our digital business as a core engine for the Dentsu Group's future growth. More specifically, we will increase the Group net sales in this domain from 95 billion yen in fiscal 2008 to 200 billion yen in fiscal 2013.
  • By combining our ability to deliver such one-stop digital solutions with our established strength in the mass media advertising, promotions and creative fields, we will increase our capability to meet client needs and by doing so, increase the billings to our existing clients.
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