Financial Summary for FY2010
and Outlook for FY2011

Consolidated Net Sales

  • I would now like to focus on our consolidated net sales (billings), and take a closer look.
  • This graph shows the factors behind the year-on-year change in external net sales-an increase in sales by the parent company and consolidated subsidiaries, and sales by newly consolidated companies.
  • The pink bar shows an increase of 61.3 billion yen in sales by the parent company.
  • The pale green bar represents an increase of 54.2 billion yen in sales by existing consolidated subsidiaries. Many of our subsidiaries, including Dentsu Inc.'s regional subsidiaries, Dentsu Holdings USA, Inc. (excluding Dentsu Innovation Interactive, LLC), and Beijing Dentsu Advertising Co., Ltd. showed an increase.
  • The pale yellow bar shows an increase of 39.3 billion yen from newly consolidated subsidiaries including Dentsu Innovation Interactive, LLC, and Ad Gear Ltd.
  • All in all, consolidated net sales increased by 154.8 billion yen.
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