Financial Summary for FY2010
and Outlook for FY2011

Consolidated Ordinary Income and Net Income / Loss

  • Non-operating income decreased by 2.1 billion yen to 9.7 billion yen year on year. This was mainly due to the loss in an equity-method affiliate related to the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ which is included in equity in earnings of affiliates.
  • Non-operating expenses increased by 2.0 billion yen to 6.4 billion yen year on year. This was mainly due to increases in foreign exchange losses of 1.2 billion yen and provision of allowance for doubtful accounts of 0.7 billion yen.
  • Net non-operating income was thus 3.2 billion yen, a 4.2 billion yen decrease from the previous fiscal year.
  • Ordinary income was 54.1 billion yen, a 20.9% increase from the previous fiscal year.
  • Extraordinary income was 3.1 billion yen. A 1.5 billion yen gain on sales of investment securities was recorded, mainly due to the sale of shares of Publicis.
  • Extraordinary loss amounted to 21.9 billion yen. This included the 8.1 billion yen loss from amortization of goodwill for cyber communications inc. (CCI), and the 6.5 billion yen loss on valuation of investment securities (market valuation of listed shares, etc.).
  • We thus posted a net extraordinary loss of 18.7 billion yen.
  • As a result, income before income taxes and minority interests was 35.3 billion yen and net income was 21.6 billion yen.
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