Financial Summary for FY2010
and Outlook for FY2011

Consolidated Balance Sheets

  • Total assets were 1,133.3 billion yen, up 15.0 billion yen, or 1.3%, compared to the term-end of fiscal 2009.
  • The principal reasons for the change in assets include an increase in cash and deposits due to an increase in deposits from the sale of Publicis shares, an increase in accounts receivable-trade thanks to an expansion in net sales for the fourth quarter, and a reduction due to the sale of shares in affiliated companies such as Publicis and OPT.
  • The principal reasons for the change in liabilities include an increase in accounts payable and a decrease in debt by repayment.
  • The rise in retained earnings topped reductions in accumulated other comprehensive loss and minority interests. As a result, net assets were 512.1 billion yen, a 6.5 billion yen increase from the previous year.
  • As for financial indicators, the equity ratio was 43.5% and the debt-to-equity ratio was 0.21 times.
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