Overview of Fiscal 2010
and Future Management Policies

Overview of FY2010

  • I will start with an overview of the Dentsu Group's earnings for fiscal 2010.
  • On the back of the gradual recovery of the Japanese economy, the Group's earnings for fiscal 2010 showed a favorable trend due to the various measures we have implemented as outlined in our medium-term management plan, "Dentsu Innovation 2013."
  • Capitalizing on communications opportunities
    The principal factor in the Group's positive performance was that we were able to firmly link communications opportunities to earnings. Those opportunities included large-scale events such as the FIFA World Cup South Africa™ tournament and Expo 2010 Shanghai China, the eco-point system and subsidies for eco-friendly cars as well as winning campaign business for growing industry sectors such as smartphones and mobile games.
  • Recovery in TV, robust digital and global domains
    Fiscal 2010 saw a recovery in TV advertising, which resulted in a 5.1% year-on-year growth with a 10.6% growth in spot advertising.
    The digital and global domains also remained strong. I will elaborate on these two domains in upcoming slides.
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